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The adventure of camping has both the elements of fun and adventure. And when Rishikesh is your camping destination, you definitely get to savour a unique taste. The best part about this adventure activity is that it can be enjoyed by people of all ages. But, why do people like to go camping? The outdoor activity gives an opportunity to reconnect with nature and get reminded of the ancient times when our ancestors used to live in jungles and close to riverbanks. The Himalayan town of Rishikesh offers holidaymakers to choose from riverside or beach camping and jungle camping.


It is heaps of fun to go camping along the riverbanks of River Ganges in Rishikesh. Staying on the beach in Alpine tents while watching the gurgling river stream pass by and soaking heart-stirring views is an experience of a lifetime. At the campsite, you also get to indulge in a host of other recreational activities like body surfing, swimming, playing beach volleyball etc. 

Apart from being the 'River Rafting Capital of India', the Himalayan town of Rishikesh in Uttarakhand is also a great destination to enjoy camping with family and friends. The adventure of camping can be of many types. Those who love the idea of spending some quality time close to Ganga beaches can choose to go riverside of beach camping. During your camping holidays, you will get to spend your holidays on the long sandy beaches along the divine Ganges. Beach camping in Rishikesh is really a lot of fun and an experience you will not easily forget.

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Beach camping happens to be the most popular accommodation style close to Shivpuri. Holidaymakers and travelers choose to go riverside camping in Rishikesh due to a number of reasons. These are as follows. 

Beach camping is counted among soft adventure sports which can be enjoyed by people of all ages. Both adults and kids can have equal fun along the silvery beaches of the Ganges. Most of the travelers choose the sport, as it offers them the most popular accommodation style. 

Adventure lovers get to stay in Alpine tents. These A-shaped tents are located right on the banks of the Ganges. Spending time just a few steps away from the divine water of the Ganges is truly a wonderful experience for all. Lazing around on the white sands of Ganges beaches is a lot of fun. The beach camps located on the riverbanks of Ganges come along with all the modern amenities and facilities including kitchen tent, dining and toilet tents, sleeping bags, beds and mattresses among others. While staying in beach tents, you can also avail the facility of dry pit toilets and shower tents which offers running water.

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The campsite is located in the midst of Garhwal Himalayan forest. Without any electricity in tents, you get to enjoy the pure taste of raw adventure. There is lush greenery all around and you are in direct contact with nature. Respond to the calls of nature, enjoy your adventure and get back home with memories to haunt your minds for a lifetime. 

Camping holidays in Rishikesh are a heady mix of adventure and fun. It depends on your individual preferences which type of camping you want to go for. Jungle camping offers a wonderful opportunity to stay close to nature and experience a living style which our ancestors once led. Due to the hectic schedules and the hum-drum sort of existence of the city life, holidaymakers are attracted more and more towards spending time close to nature. Whether you are holidaying alone or with your family and friends, you can plan a memorable camping holiday in Rishikesh.

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