Sacred Explorations

Frequently Asked Questions


Q: Who all can do it?
A: Anyone who have a passion for Adventure Sports.


Q: When is the best time to do it ?
A: Mid Sept to mid December; mid January to end April.


Q: How much does it cost ?
A: It depends on your time of stay and kms of your rafting streatch


Q: Is there a age limit for this ?
A: Childrens below 5yr is NOT allowed for rafting, they can stay in the camps.


Q: What kinds of cloths should i carry ?
A: Very comfortable shorts and t-shirt (Quick Dry)


Q: What are the maximum number of people in a group ?
A: For Rafting we dont take more than 8 in one Raft

Q: How far is Shivpuri from Rishikesh ?
A: 16 kms

Q: Does cell phone work there?
A: BSNL works Perfect but other networks switches sometimes


Q: Is there Electricity in the camps ?

A: NO Electricity on the Beach side camps, Remember you are coming for camping not for a comfortable stay in a 5 star Hotel.
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