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Grades of Rafting

Ganga River RapidsThe Ganga gorge gives rise to 13 adventure-packed white water rapids. All of these rapids have been classified into different 'classes' or 'grades' according to the International Scale of River Difficulty. These rapids have been categorized into Grade I, Grade II, Grade III and Grade IV. Rafters can choose to raft along rapids that fall under a specific grade. Depending on their physical stamina and age, they can select a grade and enjoy white water rafting along the Ganges in Rishikesh. Given below are some more details on each of these grades and what type of river rapids they stand for. 

This is Grade I rapid, small and easy. Kids, non-swimmers and first timers can easily raft down the Ganges rapids of this category. Grade I rapids are easy because they offers clear passage to rafters. Apart from a clear rafting passage, these river rapids are also devoid of any serious obstacles. Sweet Sixteen is the right choice if you want to combine a genuine taste of adventure and lots of family fun. 

Ganga River RapidsThis is a Grade III rapid. It comes along with serious obstacles including multiple high, irregular waves and rocks. Though passages are clear, they are narrow creating difficulty for the rafter. Expertise is needed to enjoy white water rafting along rapids of this grade. The operator of the boat needs to have prior experience and expertise. 

Much popular among young rafters in Rishikesh, the rapid also falls into Grade III rapids. The river passage along this rapid is clear. However, it features narrow waterway which requires prior rafting experience to sail along. 

Another popular Ganga rapid falling into Grade IV is the Wall. If you want to really feel that adrenaline rush and enjoy your expedition at the same time, the rapid is made just for you. Before you start to sail along this river rapid, do consult your instructor for expert advice. Prior experience is necessary if you are eager to run along this rapid.

Ganga River RapidsGanga River RapidsGanga River Rapids

These are Grade III rapids. They are longer with high and irregular waves. There are serious obstacles like dangerous rocks and boiling eddies. The passages are difficult to scout. Maneuvering along these requires power and accuracy. The boatman must have expertise while the raft and rafting gear should be of superior quality. 

The rapids fall into the category of Grade III rapids. If you are an adrenaline junkie and well versed with the techniques of adrenaline pumping rive rafting, Golf Course is just waiting for you. Sailing along this difficult passage of Ganga rapid requires both power and precision of the sport. Before you start to run this rapid, make sure you have adequate expertise and are equipped with all the essential rafting gear. 

While you are in Rishikesh to indulge in white water rafting, it is essential to seek expert advice from instructors. Depending on your individual preferences, physical stamina and age group, you can choose a grade that exactly fits in with your requirement.

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